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Three Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Campaigns Typically Fail and How to Address Them

It’s important for marketers to know what kind of metrics are going to have the most impact on ROI.

In today’s competitive sphere of influencer marketing, it’s important for marketers to know what kind of metrics are going to have the most impact on ROI. Evaluating and weighing upon less impactful metrics will not only sway the calculations of ROI in the wrong direction but could possibly divert marketers in the opposite direction of ever experimenting with influencer marketing again. Let’s take a look below at a few reasons why influencer marketing campaigns typically fail in the eyes of marketers and audiences.

Relying on the wrong metrics

Over the past few years, marketers have made the mistake of judging success metrics based solely upon a variety of engagements such as likes or comments, which in turn made them realize that the resultant ROI was not that great. In reality, the metrics that were most likely better to be relied upon for measuring ROI would have been number of conversions, leads, installs, registrations, etc. Metrics such as these are usually more reliable in judging the impact of a campaign or the value that was created by using influencers. Tracking customers all the way to conversion is one of the optimal ways to really measure the direct impact and success of a campaign. So, it may be a wise move to shift focus to analyzing other types of metrics besides just the volume of engagement or reach.

Why Influencer Marketing Campaigns Typically Fail

Choosing the wrong influencers

Another mistake that many marketers make is choosing the wrong influencers for a campaign. Whether it be a choice based on gut feeling or personal preference, most likely the main reason the campaign failed was because the influencer selection was not optimal. Even if the influencer selected is a big-name celebrity with many followers and a large reach, if that celebrity does not resonate with your brand, then the customer base impact that you’re looking for would not be attained.

However, there is a solution for this that takes most of the guess work out of influencer selection. The trick is to rely more on data and influencer matching technologies in order to select influencers. A variety of influencer marketing platforms such as the CastingAsia influencer marketing platform are out there and provide a unique solution for selecting and managing influencers. Try leveraging upon a smart-influencer marketing platform for your next campaign in order to optimize influencer selection and increase the chances of campaign success.

Why Influencer Marketing Campaigns Typically Fail

Broadcasting on the wrong channels

When thinking about the best channels to push out your content on, what are the most important factors that come to mind when thinking about audience and follower targeting? Age, gender, interests, demographics, and more, are most likely some of the top things that come to mind. However, even if your target audience has been successfully pinpointed, many marketers face the dilemma of what channel(s) to run their campaigns on. Therefore, when thinking about and developing your influencer marketing plan and strategy, it is of significant importance to further analyze your target audience and their social media behaviors before selecting the medium or channel to run your influencer marketing campaign on.

For example, if your product’s target audience is young females, then most likely you are going to want to target a channel that has a large percentage of young female users. Or in consideration of another factor, running branded content campaigns that are more visually-centric are best to be pushed out on channels that focus more on visually demanding content. Having beautifully created and laid out contents and then pushing them out on the wrong channels could just be one of the main reasons why a campaign has failed. So therefore, considering factors such as these are quite important when deciding what channels to use for influencer marketing campaigns.

Why Influencer Marketing Campaigns Typically Fail

Don’t give up on influencer marketing just yet

When considering the avenues and methodology for developing influencer marketing campaigns and strategies, it is best to re-analyze all of the above factors and criteria before throwing in the towel altogether for influencer marketing. The reasons why influencer marketing initiatives were not successful in the past could just be resolved by addressing some of the above points.

Still confused about how to get your next influencer marketing campaign on the right track to success? Our team of influencer marketing experts are here at your disposal to grind down the numbers and formulate pinpointed and customized strategies that are suited just for your needs. Click here to further discuss your needs with the CastingAsia team.

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