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Xiaomi’s new approach to influencer marketing – Raise Awareness and Engagement for their new phone model ”Xiaomi 12”

Xiaomi 12 new launch - The effectiveness of influencer marketing campaign


Based in China, Xiaomi is one of the world’s largest consumer electronics companies offering smartphones, laptops, mobile accessories, wearables, home appliances, and smart-home devices.

In March 2022, Xiaomi launched a new smartphone model – Xiaomi 12. To increase new product awareness whilst highlighting the advanced photography capabilities to Hong Kong audiences, Xiaomi tapped on AnyMind Group’s AnyTag to launch a series of influencer campaigns. By selecting the right YouTube creators who matched targeted audiences along with giveaway activities, Xiaomi was able to drive strong awareness and high engagement in Hong Kong with 700K impressions through creators’ YouTube videos.


In order to maximize product awareness of Xiaomi 12, there were several steps taken:

● Selecting the right Influencer

By utilizing AnyMind’s influencer marketing platform AnyTag, the team was able to discover followers’ demographics of influencers. With this, Xiaomi was able to shortlist influencers who not only fit the target audience but were also active on YouTube with continued growth in subscribers.

Finally, Xiaomi decided to collaborate with three types of talents:

o Professional talent – HellomateTV (property-related YouTuber)

o Entertainment talent – HeaLo Diary(foodie)

o o Lifestyle talent – Ada pong(vlogger)

● Content strategy – demonstrate the quality of the product

Leveraging AnyTag’s Analytics module, Xiaomi was able to find out that the most engaging content on Hellomate TV’s YouTube channel was their “Introductory of apartment review video.” Therefore, in terms of content, it was suggested that Hellomate introduced the most trending and unique apartments in Hong Kong as a video topic to attract his audience and drive more views towards the video. Throughout the whole YouTube video, Hellomate TV used the newly launched Xiaomi 12” to film the video and demonstrate the product’s strength as lightweight, easy to carry for daily recording and its professional shooting capabilities, such as AI ProFocus and Night mode.

● Giveaway activity

The purpose of the giveaway campaign was to boost awareness of Xioami 12 among the Hong Kong audience. Hellomate TV’s video introduced this giveaway mechanism in order to create more interaction and buzz surrounding the video; audiences who commented on the video with the correct answers stood a chance to win a Xiaomi 12 smartphone for their beloved ones to celebrate Mother’s Day.


This campaign was successful in terms of reach and engagement rate:

● 705,700+ impressions and 170,000+ views were achieved through HeaLo Diary, HellomateTV and Ada’s YouTube videos.

● Due to the incentivised giveaway activity as well as the campaign’s unique content strategy, HellomateTV performed the best, driving a total of 79,039+ views and 300+ positive comments.

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