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Tri taps on AnyTag to run Generasi Happy campaign in Indonesia


Tri is an Indonesian telecommunication company and part of Indosat OoredooHutchison, which is Indonesia’s second-largest network. Tri’s product and digital ecosystem caters to Gen Z, empowering them to pursue their passions and take action in the digital world.

“Generasi Happy” by Tri is a massive 360-degree brand activation campaign, both on-ground and online, that invites prominent global and local leaders who have built their careers and reputation in the digital world across diverse interests. The campaign aims to share knowledge and experiences on how to make a significant impact in the digital realm.

The campaign focuses on four main pillars: digital literacy, self-skills development, creative content creation, and entertainment. These pillars serve as the foundation for the campaign’s overall objectives.


The “Generasi Happy” campaign leverages influencer marketing through AnyTag, utilizing dedicated brand ambassadors and forming partnerships with various media channels. The campaign collaborates with creators and influencers in different content categories, such as art or culture, gameplay, comedy, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and learning & education.

The campaign is executed through roadshows held in three different cities in Indonesia: Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Palembang from Q3 2022 to Q4 2022. It kicked off with a show, followed by a press conference, and then the roadshows themselves. All influencers and creators involved in the campaign are required to promote the pre-event, attend the event, and share their experiences on their social media platforms.


Tri Happy Generasi Press Conference

For the press conference event, the brand collaborated with 11 nano and micro-influencers, who shared their moments during the event.

The influencers and creators who attended the event created a total of 50 Instagram Stories, four Instagram Reels, three Instagram Photos, and two TikTok videos. These posts collectively reached an average audience of 134,160 users.

Tri Happy Generasi Media Roadshow Bandung

During the media roadshow in Bandung, the brand partnered with 10 nano, micro, and macro-media influencers. They were tasked with posting promotion banners of the Generasi Happy Festival and showcasing the event euphoria in their posts.

As a result, 18 Instagram Photos, nine Instagram Reels, and 20 Instagram Stories were shared by these media influencers, reaching a total audience of 910,983 users on average.

Tri Happy Generasi Influencer Roadshow Bandung

For the Influencer Roadshow in Bandung, Tri collaborated with 15 media influencers. They were asked to post promotional banners of the “Generasi Happy” event. Since the content was in the form of promotional banners, the brand’s mention was directly incorporated into the visual.

A total of 15 Instagram Photos, seven Instagram Reels, 57 Instagram Stories, and six TikTok Videos were created by influencers, with a total average reach of 163,144 users.

Tri Happy Generasi Influencer Roadshow Yogyakarta

In Yogyakarta, the brand worked with 16 influencers and creators to post pre-event promotions and share their experiences attending “Generasi Happy” at Yogyakarta.

For this event, there were 17 Instagram Reels, six TikTok Videos, 16 Instagram Photos, and 109 Instagram Stories shared, resulting in a total average reach of 174,130 users.

Tri Happy Generasi Influencer Roadshow Palembang

For Palembang, the brand collaborated with 17 micro and macro-influencers and creators to post pre-event promotions and share their experiences attending “Generasi Happy” at Palembang.

The influencers shared a total of 85 Instagram Stories, 17 Instagram Posts, 15 Instagram Reels, and 10 TikTok videos, delivering a total average reach of 173,495 users.

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