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Maximizing Mobile Gaming Excellence: Connexus's Journey with AnyMind

Connexus, a global mobile gaming studio, partnered with AnyMind to overcome challenges, achieve positive ROAS, and pave the way for future expansion.

In the dynamic realm of mobile gaming, Connexus stands out as a studio dedicated to delivering iconic gaming experiences globally. With a commitment to crafting free-to-play games that surpass expectations, Connexus aims to be recognized as a gaming studio synonymous with unparalleled quality and player delight. Facing challenges related to negative Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Connexus embarked on a transformative journey with AnyMind to enhance the quality of its apps and achieve sustainable monetization.

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Interviewee Profile

Ateeb Usman

Head of Marketing and Production at Connexus Technologies

Challenges: Navigating Negative ROAS and App Quality Improvements

Connexus encountered a significant hurdle with a negative ROAS of 70%, primarily attributed to tROAS campaign consumption issues due to concerns about the app’s quality. Although the studio gradually improved ROAS, the negative trend persisted, necessitating a strategic intervention to optimize app monetization while maintaining a positive user experience.

Strategies Implemented: AnyMind’s Technical solutions & Optimization services

In response to Connexus’s challenges, AnyMind deployed a multifaceted strategy to revitalize app monetization. The implementation of AnyManager SDK played a pivotal role, enabling Connexus to quickly activate numerous ad networks. AnyMind’s team continuously optimized the prices of Waterfall Ad Networks, resulting in a significant uplift in ad revenue. A weekly consultation service, providing updates on ad performance, in-depth performance analysis, market insights, and tailored suggestions on demands and ad layout, further fortified Connexus’s approach to revenue generation.

Results: From Negative to Positive ROAS in Three Months

The collaborative efforts between Connexus and AnyMind yielded promising results. Within three months, Connexus transitioned from negative to positive ROAS, marking a significant achievement in the optimization of app monetization. The studio expressed satisfaction with AnyMind’s consultation service and AnyManager’s capabilities to help publishers grow, emphasizing the invaluable information received, irrespective of immediate ROAS results. This information empowered Connexus to embark on new projects wisely, starting with a 90% ROAS instead of the previous 70%. The success story prompted Connexus to recommend AnyMind’s offerings to other publishers.

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First Impression of AnyMind: A Shift in Understanding

“Our first encounter with AnyMind occurred during industry events, particularly Google’s office hour. Initially, we thought of AnyMind as a credit partner, but later we shifted our understanding to recognize AnyMind’s potential in supporting monetization maximization. So we decided to reach out to AnyMind for assistance in addressing the decline in ROAS, marking the beginning of a collaborative journey.”

Working Across Borders: A Positive Experience with AnyMind

When asked about the challenges of working with a company based outside of Pakistan, Connexus expressed a positive perspective: “Acknowledging the maturity and wealth of data in the external gaming industry, we saw the advantage of working with AnyMind. The global support offered by AnyMind, covering both Android and iOS, further strengthened our confidence in the partnership.”

Expectations and Performance: Meeting and Exceeding Goals

Connexus outlined their initial expectations when entering into the partnership, aiming for a ROAS exceeding 100% to cover the cost of AnyMind’s services. “With the current achievement nearing this goal, we’re very happy with AnyMind’s optimization efforts. Our ROAS increased by 30%, even during challenging periods when many publishers faced significant drops in January. We plan to expand cooperation across multiple apps, exploring additional mediation options supported by AnyMind.”

Effective Features and Lasting Impressions: AnyManager SDK and ROAS Optimization

“We think of the AnyManager SDK as a game-changer, facilitating the swift activation of 10 networks. The SDK’s efficiency and ease of implementation helped us on the fast track during critical moments. Additionally, the ROAS optimization support provided by AnyMind impressed us, contributing to a remarkable 30-40% growth. It also reduced our efforts to constantly monitor and update waterfall floors.”

Notably, Connexus commends the cost-effectiveness of AnyMind’s services, considering them not just reasonable but a cost-efficient investment.

Future Outlook and Continued Collaboration: Diversification and Expansion

Looking ahead, Connexus shared their vision for diversifying their gaming portfolio across genres and platforms. “We aim to elevate our global presence and anticipate expanding cooperation with AnyMind regarding the number of apps and exploring new areas like HTML5.”

Connexus expressed confidence in AnyMind’s role as a strategic partner, contributing not only to revenue optimization but also providing guidance for new business initiatives.

“The collaboration between us and AnyMind exemplifies the power of strategic partnerships in navigating the complexities of mobile gaming monetization. As we continue to innovate and expand, the support and insights provided by AnyMind serve as a catalyst for sustained success in the ever-evolving landscape of mobile gaming.”

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