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Indian personal care D2C brand Nature 4 Nature unlocks next-gen commerce with the help of AnyMind Group

Nature 4 Nature has taken the Indian personal care industry by storm! Bollywood producer Anand Pandit and Yash Birla Ventures are the masterminds behind this direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand which focuses on sustainability and environmental responsibility and offers a range of skincare, bath & body care, and hair care products.

As an upstart brand in the industry, Nature 4 Nature had to compete in an already cluttered market of hundreds of beauty and personal care brands in India. Nature 4 Nature understood that it needed to get a fast edge over the rest of the industry and embark on next-generation commerce, which is why Nature 4 Nature decided to work with AnyMind Group to bring an immediate edge to their go-to-market strategy, development and growth of their brand.

Tapping on a mix of offerings through AnyShop (for e-commerce enablement), AnyTag (for influencer marketing) and POKKT (for mobile marketing), Nature 4 Nature was able to streamline operations and focus on other areas of the business, such as product development and customer experience.

Nature 4 Nature’s approach to sustainability

The core approach for Nature 4 Nature is already in its name. The brand offers consumers a line of high-quality and effective personal care products made from naturally-derived ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging. Some examples include a powder-based, no-soap face wash, skin serum made of saffron and chandan, and packaging such as mango wood bottles – with all packaging plastic-free.

Nature4Nature product shot

In addition, the brand has made a commitment to plant a tree for every order placed. With a focus on fruit trees, the brand wants to focus on contributing to the future of the environment, healthy, sustainable food choices, and economic upliftment of the community.

This approach means that consumers who are aware of the brand also know that Nature 4 Nature puts their future in mind.

Establishing a new D2C brand

A challenge for Nature 4 Nature was to build immediate brand awareness and credibility, whilst introducing their innovative products that cater to consumers looking for natural skincare solutions.

For this to happen, Nature 4 Nature first had to develop a distinct brand identity and positioning, and consistently communicate this throughout marketing and branding efforts. This also includes highlighting the brand’s commitment to using naturally-derived ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.

When introducing the brand’s products, a tiered approach was taken: starting with the most innovative and unique products, and thereafter expanding introducing additional categories over time. This means that target consumers do not have to sift through a barrage of information right at the get-go, and can instead be attracted through products that are new to them.

Setting up core infrastructure as a D2C-born brand

Several core components had to be established to ensure that Nature 4 Nature was able to sell direct to their consumers quickly – from the development of a site and establishing customer service flow to product education and marketing.

Tapping on AnyMind Group’s suite of offerings, Nature 4 Nature was able to partner with a company that has a proven track record of helping businesses achieve growth and success, giving Nature 4 Nature confidence in its ability to reach its ambitious business goals.

Nature4Nature home page

Through AnyShop, Nature 4 Nature was able to establish a strong online storefront through a well-designed and easy-to-navigate website. The brand also created a customer service and education team to handle inquiries and support customers, including the provision of a range of resources such as tutorials and blogs, to help customers get the most out of the brand’s personal care products.

In addition, the brand also developed and executed a comprehensive marketing and branding plan by tapping on AnyTag to form influencer partnerships and execute influencer marketing campaigns and POKKT to run targeted advertising campaigns. In addition, the brand leveraged on AnyTag for endorsements by various Bollywood celebrities, including brand ambassadors Tara Sutaria and Ishaan Khatter.

On top of that, AnyMind’s in-market experts were brought in to consult on Nature 4 Nature’s go-to-market and retail strategy, which identified various areas that the brand has yet to unlock.

Expanding opportunities

As a D2C brand, Nature 4 Nature was able to gain considerable traction among its target consumers, but the AnyMind team also worked with Nature 4 Nature to develop retail partnerships with key e-commerce marketplaces and partners – both online and offline – which ultimately increased the brand’s reach and made the brand more accessible to customers.

Since launch, Nature 4 Nature has also expanded into three e-commerce marketplaces and opened an offline Pop-up store in a prestigious shopping mall.

AnyX dashboard shot

In fact, online brands are also able to tap on AnyMind Group’s AnyX platform to easily manage their storefronts and analyze the entirety of their online retail presence from sites to e-commerce marketplaces.

Additionally, as the brand grows and establishes itself in the Indian market, Nature 4 Nature can also work with AnyMind for further expansion: new markets for cross-border e-commerce or new products and product categories.


By tapping on a range of offerings provided by AnyMind, Nature 4 Nature was able to gain considerable business momentum.

Within 15 days of launching, the brand was able to build an active customer base of over 1,000 customers. And in just two weeks from launch, Nature 4 Nature achieved 1 million INR in sales – indicating a strong consumer demand for its products and the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Specifically around influencer and celebrity ambassadors, the brand was able to collaborate with 10 influencers and celebrities, and their posts reached over 500,000 unique users. This has also helped impact the brand’s social media presence and following, where within the first month of launch, the brand gained over 1,000 followers on Instagram and 25,000 followers on Facebook.

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