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AnyMind Group helps to increase KataData's revenue by 78% through AnyManager


Founded on April 1, 2012 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Katadata presents in-depth news, information, data, and research results. News and information are not only presented in text form but in visual form as well.

Problem Statement

The two main challenges faced by the publisher are [1] increasing the number of pageviews with the adoption of technology, especially for the editorial team, [2] increasing specifically for programmatic.


Using AnyManager’s push notification feature, the editorial team is able to schedule content to be pushed, target the desired audience, and also reactivate first-time visitors to the Katadata website.

Site users can also easily access content on Katadata because they are not required to install any applications or check the Katadata site directly through their browser, as AnyManager will send notification signals that contain links to articles for visitors to easily access the content.

In addition, browser-based push notifications are part of Progressive Web Applications (PWA) which helps users to still access sites even when the internet speed is slow.

AnyManager also simplifies the implementation of ad code by allowing Katadata to implement only a single tag – AnyManager Tag Service (ATS) – to receive display or video ad demand.

Other than easy implementation, ATS increases fill rate at a competitive price and optimizes floor price as it is connected with over 100 demand partners.


As a result, there was an increase in the number of pageviews through this push notification feature by 67% as it also created new notification subscribers of more than 12,000 subscribers with a CTR of 0.2%. This also led to an uplift in ad request by 58%.

With the implementation of various features on AnyManager including push notification and ATS, Katadata was able to increase its revenue by 78%, followed by an increment of ad request CPM by 13%, and an average CTR of 0.97%.

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