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Over 30 representatives from Taiwan-based companies visited our Tokyo Office for a discussion on the e-commerce market

On August 2, 2023, delegates from over 30 Taiwan-based companies joined us in our Tokyo office to discuss the e-commerce space. The visiting delegation from Taiwan also included the representatives of the Ministry of Digital Affairs and the Commerce Development Research Institute.

For this event, teams related to AnyMind’s Brand Commerce unit, including the D2C & E-Commerce Enablement team, Cross-Border E-Commerce team, and ENGAWA members, joined the delegates from Taiwan to discuss about essential functionalities and capabilities for cross-border e-commerce, showcased cross-border e-commerce case studies, and shared insights into influencer/media marketing. The subsequent discussion session was so engaging that it continued until the very last minute of the scheduled time.

Below, we will provide a report-style overview of the entire event flow!

Greetings from the representatives of both organizations.

As we gathered for the discussion session, it was our privilege to extend a warm welcome to all our esteemed guests on behalf of AnyMind Japan. Ushiyama, who serves as the Japan Director of AnyMind Group and CEO of ENGAWA, shared his greetings, setting a tone of hospitality and collaboration for the event. Following that, we had the honor of receiving words of introduction from the representative of the Ministry of Digital Affairs in Taiwan.

Adding to the warmth of the occasion, we were presented with delightful souvenirs from Taiwan, adding a touch of local flavor to the event. These thoughtful gifts were savored by the members of AnyMind and ENGAWA, creating a sense of connection and appreciation for our guests from Taiwan. It was indeed a delightful exchange of not just ideas but also cultures, reflecting the spirit of cooperation and partnership that defined the gathering.

Introduction to Cross-Border E-commerce Marketing

We delved into topics encompassing worldwide trends in enterprise e-commerce and marketing, the challenges encountered when aiming for the growth of e-commerce businesses, and the broader industry landscape. In this discussion, we also highlighted the essential functionalities required to overcome these challenges, along with presenting AnyMind’s technology, offerings and real-world case studies. Covering everything from setting up e-commerce to achieving growth, our comprehensive discussion on the e-commerce market set the stage for lively debates during the subsequent exchange of ideas.

Panel discussion

Building upon the prior session, we divided into four groups and engaged in discussions on cross-border business with representatives from each visiting company and experts from AnyMind. These discussions lasted for nearly an hour.

To facilitate direct and speedy exchanges of ideas, AnyMind strategically assigned experts proficient in either English or Chinese to each group, eliminating the need for interpreters.

The discussions ranged from specific topics such as “What are the key challenges to overcome for cross-border business into Japan?” and “What channels and strategies are essential to accelerate initial business growth?” to more challenging questions like “Among numerous competitors, why do clients choose AnyMind?” This prompted intense but invigorating moments for the team, who felt a sense of pressure yet found it highly stimulating.

From the visiting delegation, we received feedback such as:

・”The time spent with AnyMind was incredibly fruitful.”
・”We look forward to continuing discussions about concrete collaborations in the future.”

Furthermore, some members reconvened with the visiting delegation later that evening, fostering further discussions over drinks. The dedication and speed at which everyone operated served as a great source of inspiration for the team.

In conclusion

Through this valuable exchange, we had the opportunity to share new ideas between Taiwan and Japan. For AnyMind, this event marked further exploration of strategies for future success in cross-border business. We believe in the importance of international exchanges and will continue to make efforts to achieve even greater results. Please look forward to our next interaction!

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