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Our Malaysia team brought joy to the Rumah Victory Children & Youth Home

In September, our team from the Malaysia office banded together for a day of giving back to the community. With Malaysia Day just around the corner, AnyMind Group seized the opportunity to spread love and kindness by visiting the Victory of Children & Youth Home.

Empowering Children & Youth to Win in Life
The Victory of Children & Youth Home is one of the charitable initiatives of Rumah Victory, a non-profit organization founded by the late Philip Mok Sew Kwong in 1988. Rumah Victory started as a Christian Drug Rehabilitation Centre and later expanded to the Children and Youth Home and Elderly Home to provide more service to the underprivileged community in Malaysia.

Rumah Victory Children and Youth Home mainly provides shelter for orphans, children of single-parent families, and marginal youth. Through care and guidance, life discipline development, character, and technical training, Rumah Victory provides disadvantaged children the opportunity to build a healthy life and a promising future. Not only do they help provide the basic necessities like food and shelter, but they also help hone a positive mindset amongst the children so they can make meaningful contributions to their family, society, and their country.

AnyMind Malaysia CSR

Sharing Smiles & Making Meaningful Connections
The day was not just about corporate social responsibility (CSR) but also about bonding, sharing smiles, and making a lasting impact on the lives of those in need. Our entire team in Malaysia participated in this heartfelt endeavor, dedicating their time and effort to brighten the lives of the children at the youth home.

Restoring a Shelter and Reviving Hope
The day kicked off at 10:30 a.m. as the AnyMind team arrived at the Victory of Children & Youth Home, ready to make a difference. We had a diverse schedule planned aimed at improving the facility and, more importantly, forging connections with the young residents.

AnyMind Malaysia painting

One of our team’s favorite activities was the wall painting project. Armed with paintbrushes and cans of bright blue and brown paint, AnyMind employees restored the center’s exterior. We hope that this revitalization will not only breathe a new life to the center but also create a more inviting space for the children.

Apart from painting, the team also rolled up their sleeves to sweep, mop and rearrange furniture to ensure that the center was spotless. Cleaning the toilets might not sound glamorous, but it was a necessary task that made a big difference in the hygiene and comfort of the facility.

AnyMind Malaysia painting

To further improve the living conditions, the team also took on the responsibility of washing, drying, and changing sheets, ensuring the children had fresh and clean bedding. These small, thoughtful gestures spoke volumes about AnyMind’s commitment to making a positive impact.

With all the hard work completed, it was time to refuel. Our Malaysia team had thoughtfully arranged for lunch for their team and the residents of the Victory of Children & Youth Home. The meal provided a chance for everyone to sit together, share stories, and strengthen the sense of community.

AnyMind Malaysia painting

The afternoon was dedicated to fun activities with the children. Laughter echoed through the corridors as AnyMind employees played games, shared stories, and had meaningful conversations with the young residents. It was heartwarming to see, as bonds were formed and smiles exchanged between our team and the children.

Each participant played a crucial role in making this CSR event successful, demonstrating that collective efforts can bring about positive change in the community. Our team’s visit to the Victory of Children & Youth Home was a beautiful reminder of the power of compassion and the importance of giving back.

As the day ended at 4:30 p.m., there was a sense of fulfillment. Our team had not only made a tangible difference in the physical surroundings of the center. Still, it also left an indelible mark on the hearts of the children who call it home.

Making a Difference with AnyMind Group
This CSR event was a testament to our dedication to corporate social responsibility and giving back to the community. It served as a shining example of how a company can use its resources and workforce to create positive change in the community.

In the end, the smiles on the faces of the children and the glimmering hope in their eyes were the best rewards, reminding everyone that a small act of kindness can have a ripple effect that impacts lives in ways beyond our comprehension.

Our Malaysia CSR event was not just a day of giving; it was a day of hope, joy, and the promise of a brighter future for all involved.

Join us in making a difference! If you want to make an impact on the lives of the children and youth, contact Rumah Victory by clicking here.

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