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A Vibrant Celebration of Indonesia's Independence Day with AnyMind Group and DDI

August has arrived, and with it, the anticipation of Indonesia’s Independence Day on the 17th. To mark this significant occasion, the Jakarta office of AnyMind Group teamed up with Digital Distribusi Indonesia (DDI) to organize a special event for all employees. The festivities included engaging team-building games designed to foster closer connections among us, followed by a delightful spread of delicacies. All teams were also dressed up in a “Kampoeng” spirit, which brought a traditional village feel to the event.

Prior to the commencement of the games, key leaders, including Hitoshi Maruyama, Managing Director of Publisher Growth, Lidyawati Aurelia, Country Manager at AnyMind Group Indonesia, and Tatum Ona Kembara, Founder and CEO of DDI, shared motivating words with the team to keep the spirit of unity alive.

The first game kicked off with “Moving Sarung,” where players had to pass a cloth from one person to another by maintaining hand-to-hand contact. This challenge highlighted the importance of teamwork and coordination.

Following that was the “Karung Racing” game. Players donned a “karung,” a large bag used for storing and transporting goods, along with a helmet. They then raced towards their partners, transferred the karung and helmet, and raced back to the starting line. This activity added an element of fun and competition.

The third game, named “Blind Banana,” required one player to blindfoldedly navigate while holding a banana. Their partner would provide directions to guide them. The objective was for the blindfolded player to reach their partner and feed them the banana until it was completely consumed.

Next, is the game called “Meluncurrr,” where groups of seven to eight players formed lines with their arms on each other’s shoulders. Their task is to move a ball through their linked arms without letting it fall.

Following that is the game “Gesture Guess” In this game, the first player is given a word and must convey it through gestures to the next person. The process continues until the final person guesses the word.

The final game was a hilarious one! It involves guessing the correct song and singer. Given our diverse team with members from both Indonesia and Japan, we had our Japanese teammate read out lyrics of local Indonesian songs. The players had to guess the song’s title and singer!

After all the excitement, we concluded the event with a delicious dinner featuring local delicacies. This provided an opportunity for teams from both AnyMind Group and DDI to mingle and learn more about each other.

And not forgetting to mention, there were also prizes that the winners received!

It was a memorable celebration of unity and shared moments. We’re looking forward to taking on the next year together!

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