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Our Vietnam team’s initiative to support children in troubled circumstances

At AnyMind Group, we not only focus on business growth but also continually strive to make meaningful contributions to the community. In Vietnam, there are many children facing difficult circumstances, and we aspire to create opportunities for them to thrive. At the end of August, our Vietnam team organized a special charity fundraising event with a variety of engaging and enjoyable activities.

Diverse Booths


In the morning, teams quickly prepared and decorated booths to welcome the first visitors. The HR team brought the “Childhood” booth with familiar snacks. Other teams showcased diversity with clothing, socks, and children’s toys booths. Lastly, members also prepared various delicious items from cakes to bubble tea to enrich the fair.

Energetic Auction


A highlight of this event was the lively auction. Unique products were auctioned off with attractive starting prices, from Conan comics and Lego to wireless keyboards and ovens. The auction generated spirited competition, and all proceeds were contributed to the charity fund.

Lucky Draw


A Flea Market wouldn’t be complete without the lucky draw game, a traditional game in Vietnam. Members could purchase lottery tickets from the organizers, and the luckiest 20 people received special prizes from the company. This not only brought joy to all employees but also provided an opportunity for everyone to try their luck together.

Closing Words

The Flea Market event was not only an opportunity for all employees to bond but also had a positive impact, contributing to building a brighter future for the little ones. All proceeds from this event will be used to provide necessary items for children in difficult circumstances at Phuc Lam Shelter.

The charity event is scheduled for September 23. We eagerly anticipate sharing images and stories from this charitable journey with everyone.

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