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Tatum in Tokyo! Post-acquisition, DDI’s founder heads to our Tokyo office

Post-completion of the acquisition of Indonesia-based e-commerce enabler, Digital Distribusi Indonesia (DDI), on September 25th, Tatum Ona Kembara, founder and CEO of DDI made a quick stop at our Tokyo office.

The team in Japan was also excited to welcome Tatum, and you could feel the excitement running through the office as the event drew closer.

AnyMind Group’s CEO Kosuke Sogo was also in Tokyo, and we hosted a special session to share what the acquisition means for the wider business. Standing beside Tatum, Sogo shared with the team the background and purpose of the acquisition, the various synergies, and the outlook with DDI in the AnyMind family.

With a combination of DDI’s service expertise in the e-commerce enabler and e-distribution space, and AnyMind’s technology for e-commerce and marketing, customers have a unique opportunity to gain the best of both worlds.

Sogo and Tatum then took to the stage to candidly share about the acquisition, including the first impressions of each other, the deciding factors (from both ends) to see the M&A through, and synergies that excite them personally (and not just as business leaders).

Tatum’s upbeat personality and casual exchanges between the two brought the audience to laughter at times.

The team also posed various questions to the both of them, including: “What are the some changes in the e-commer market before and post-COVID 19,” “Important things to take note of as an entrepreneur,” and “What was important in creating a young and strong organization.”

One of the most impactful responses was from Tatum, who mentioned the importance of “seizing opportunities.” Since her childhood, she wanted to emulate her parents, who are entrepreneurs, and although many things didn’t go according to plan, she continued to challenge herself to become an entrepreneur. Through persistent efforts, she grasped the opportunities that came her way and now runs DDI. It was a story that portrayed her as a bright and powerful individual and leader.

Afterwards, the team took a group photo, and a welcome cake was rolled out.

With that, the team made a toast to the acquisition of DDI!

This is definitely one of the milestones for AnyMind in our 7+ years of operations, and we’re looking forward to future milestones in time to come!

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