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AnyMind Group brings next-generation commerce to SMEs at the Digital SME Conference Thailand 2022

The company’s offerings were on display including new solutions such as full-funnel affiliate marketing through AnyTag and TikTok Shop through AnyX

We’re getting back into the full swing of events and the Digital SME Conference Thailand 2022 was an opportunity to share with SMEs in Thailand about how we’re advancing the next generation of commerce. The event brought together various experts to share their knowledge and experience running online businesses, enabling entrepreneurs to build stronger and more sustainable businesses in the digital economy.

Some of our Thailand team headed to Samyan Mitrtown Hall in Bangkok to showcase to attendees our latest innovations from new affiliate marketing features on our influencer marketing platform AnyTag, to our new TikTok Shop integration with e-commerce management platform AnyX.

Full-funnel affiliate marketing is enhanced through AnyTag, making it easier for marketers to leverage influencers to drive their affiliate marketing campaigns, including the use of coupon codes that enable the attribution of influencer marketing performance to sales performance on various e-commerce marketplaces and sites.

Another aspect of full-funnel affiliate marketing is with live commerce, where our team brought along live commerce equipment to the booth so that interested attendees can experience first-hand what it’s like to host a live commerce session, the preparation process and the necessary equipment required to run a high-quality live stream.

TikTok Shop, a social commerce platform, was recently integrated with AnyX, enabling users to manage and track store operations across various connected platforms. Apart from TikTok Shop, users can leverage on integrations with Shopee, Lazada, Amazon, Rakuten, Shopify and Yahoo! Japan Shopping.

With SMEs an important part of Thailand’s growing economy, AnyMind Group can support businesses of all sizes across marketing and e-commerce to logistics and conversational commerce, enabling greater efficiency and scale to businesses both domestically and for cross-border expansion. We’re making every business borderless in this new era of commerce. Find out our full suite of offerings here.

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