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AnyMind Group supports content creators’ ecosystem in Indonesia: Gathering Day for content creators 2022

At AnyMind Group, we make it exciting for everyone to do business. This includes businesses and individuals such as influencers and content creators to help them grow through our offerings.

Together with a guest from YouTube, our team hosted a gathering in Indonesia for content creators in our influencer network. Those who attended gained more insights into YouTube Shorts, tips and tricks to prevent account hijacking, and learn about how they can become “brand darlings.”

The first session of the day was from Kamilyaa Aridhaa, Senior Channel Optimization Executive from our Creator Growth team on how to prevent hijacking – a hot issue for local content creators on YouTube in recent months. Creators were encouraged to be more aware of scams and phishing, malware, and individuals or insiders with access to the channel.

After that, Kevina Meilisa, Community Partner Manager, YouTube Indonesia shared insights on YouTube Shorts, which, in 2021, was able to successfully increase views to over 30 billion a day, or more than 4 times, just one year after it was launched.

In the final session, Atika Octavia, Influencer Planning Manager from the Influencer Marketing team at AnyMind Group shared tips for content creators out there to become “brand darlings,” in order to increase collaborations with brands she shared that influencers to adapt well to recent trends by creating relevant and engaging content that will give a positive impact on the brand’s objective and suits the creator’s persona.

At the end of the event, awards were given out to content creators in the network who have performed remarkably well over the past year. Some of the awards categories include: ‘Dynamic Creator of the Year’, ‘Multi-Platform Creator’, ‘Top Shorts Creator’, ‘Most Evolving Creator’, ‘Trendsetter Creator’, and ‘Creator of the Year’.

Through AnyMind Group, influencers and content creators can also access a robust tool to grow called AnyCreator, which is available as a desktop and mobile app. Users can easily review their social media analytics across YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, join campaigns with leading brands, and create their own link in bio all within the app. Selected users can also access a range of features to grow their influence, including email and chat communications with fans, and survey functionalities to better understand what their followers think. Want to take your influence to the next level? Sign up now by searching for AnyCreator on PlayStore or iOS or simply click here:

Check out the video below for more highlights of the event!

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